Care Details

How do I care for my neoprene bag?

Although neoprene is a durable fabric, just like any bag it will show signs of wear and tear without proper care. To prolong your neoprene bag make sure you avoid contact with rough surfaces, sharp objects, grease or oil. We recommend storing your neoprene bag flat when not in use. Make sure it’s not pressed against anything pointed or sharp to avoid damaging the bag. If you do get pressure spots, these will usually disappear if you hang your bag or lay it out flat. Creases can be removed by hanging your bag up overnight and gently pulling the fabric back into shape.


How do I clean my neoprene bag?

All our neoprene bags are designed for everyday use whether that be carrying your work supplies, gym gear, baby essentials or doing a grocery shop.

If your neoprene bag does get dirty, spot treat the area with mild soap and water. Ensure you don't rub harshly. For bigger stains, you can wash your bag in the washing machine on its own on a cold, delicate cycle. Lay flat in a shady spot or hang from the line.

Bags with metal hardware, we recommend hand washing only.

Be careful not to let your neoprene bag fold over as it dries to avoid creasing.

Do not dry clean, tumble dry or iron.