Neoprene is the perfect material for everyday use. Our versatile and stylish bags are very popular as nappy, gym, travel and beach bags. You don't need to worry about it getting dirty as they're super easy to clean and maintain. A neoprene bag is a must have for women, because you can use it for so many different outfits and occasions! 

Use it as a beach bag, it can fit all your summer essentials; sunscreen, snacks, towel and any extra clothes. 

They are also a great work bag, since they have a lot of space for your office essentials, you won't need to carry different bags.

If you're a gym lover and wanting something sporty yet stylish, we have a range of smaller to larger neoprene bags. The best part is that if you get it sweaty with your post-workout clothes you don't need to worry because you can throw it in the washing machine! 

If you're a new mum that doesn't want a boring nappy bag and something trendy and stylish when you're out and about with your little one, a neoprene bag is the perfect nappy bag.

If you're just looking for an everyday bag, we also have a range of crossbodies and smaller totes perfect for running errands. 

This is why neoprene bags are so popular, it even competes with the best designer tote bags, the low maintenance and effortlessly fashionable look is unbeatable.

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