The word lady is used quite loosely now, to refer to every one female. In the past a lady describes only women of class and status, so when someone calls you a lady you feel esteemed. Neoprene Bags believe that every woman should be described this way but in the real definition of the term.

Handbags are one of those accessories that define a woman’s fashion style. Hence, there's no better way to be a lady than to update your fashion game and we bring you these beautiful items that speak for themselves. Neoprene bags (made from wetsuit material ) are the new look! Undermined initially as the new rubber, creative minds of great designers have created something much more than that with these bags.

Neoprene bags are here to save the environment no doubt but are equally here to add a different flavor to your fashion style. The amazing thing about neoprene bags is their portability and versatile nature. They are every lady's go-to for various outings, and shopping.

These beauties are the current trend in the Australian market for women and women’s bags. Each design is a thoughtful piece to make your day easier and the environment safer.

Most of the time we are oblivious to the decay going on around us; we contribute immensely to the gradual decline but seem so unaware. Take for instance the overwhelming use of plastic bags; they are cheap, convenient to use at all times and just as comfortable to dispose of. The truth is we never really dispose of these bags. Instead, we unleash them on the environment to cause harm.

Recognizing the need for the convenience offered by plastic bags is what has inspired the use of this material to actualize the designs of a talented bag lover. In the end, you can never go wrong with a neoprene bag in your closet. The material is durable, soft and malleable into different forms of sophisticated beauty.

At you can get your own stylish set of these bags. is unique in its designs and most importantly 3-in-one package. The 3-in-one bag set consists of a Tote, purse and shopping bag; it's convenience on a whole new level. We offer these lightweight gems, with swift delivery at unbelievably affordable prices. We have huge sales that give you the best options.

There is a neoprene bag for every lady. You can get your color, your style, and your convenience. Remember, life isn't perfect, but your accessories can be!